I hate my life and stuff

Like I talk about a lot of stuff like being vegan and fashion or whatever.

Do people like qcknd because she is a super mega babe (because……she is.)

because I feel like most of her opinions are kinda fucked up, and that last video takes the cake.

just because something says (v) on it doesn’t mean it’s best toward the ethical treatment of animals. you really need to be more aware of how your priviledged position as a consumer affects animals. 

Tom’s can never be their “own company” and I get that a lot of people don’t understand economics that way. If we wanted to pool are money together and buy shares of tom’s, we could.

And it’s really REALLY important that people who are very popular vegans (like qcknd) to be educated on what they are saying. 

Because that whole “they’re doing their best” sounds very “ethical omnivore” to me. I think we should all (myself included) should be more aware of what we are buying and how it affects non-human animals. 

This is for animals, this is not for you to feel valid just because you got something that you THINK is ethical so you can feel good about yourself.

I don’t mean to make everyone feel upset. I know people like her a lot and that I’m about to piss everyone off.

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