I hate my life and stuff

Like I talk about a lot of stuff like being vegan and fashion or whatever.

Holy crap, I forgot the email I used for little-kitten-sister

I logged into this blog on accident….

I need to save the images I want and move on

Please talk to me! Lonely at work

1) it’s my birthday!
2) I got an phone. Follow me on instagram! Lil_sisterr

hello~ I’m still at little-kitten-sister so please follow that one and you can un follow this one if you wannnnnnt!

ty <3

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this one is too messy and the other I’ll be posting more outfits and more stuff that are not boring like this one

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Look I made a head band and also this camera widens me except no it doesn’t that’s my body.

(abusing tags sry)

this is my blog. I’m working on the theme and it’s boring, but please follow this one! (You can un follow this one if you want)

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Cleaning Closet


Do any of my Tumblr peeps like J-rock? I have a Hyde Faith 2006 tour shirt, and a Miyavi This is Japanese Kabuki Rock Tour 2008 shirt. I wore them quite a few times when I was in High School and they look it, but they’re free to a good home, otherwise the Goodwill is getting them.

ugh my new blog isn’t working! 

in other news, dieting has been incredibly difficult for me. i’m eating food i like but every portion is so small! 

and also i had a burrito yesterday

if you want to follow my new blog it is


but right now i’m moving all my personal pictures there and properly tagging them.

so right now it’s kinda just my outfits and boobs?

it’s like a creepy shrine that I made for myself.

I promise my blog won’t be like that.

I just am switching because this is too cluttered and has dumb internet drama baggage.

Please follow me! I want to stay friends with you!



Folks with vaginas, have you ever sat down to pee and instead of going in the toilet your piss totally just shot up and hit you in the leg instead or do I just have a fucked up urethra? 


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